Pharmaceutical reverse distribution is crucial to remaining compliant. Efficiency and ease of return are both essential to a successful pharmaceutical returns program. Our Box and Ship return service is an easy way for you to stay compliant and collect payment for pharmaceutical returns.

Once you're registered it's easy - just fill out your DEA 222 request forms, put your returns in our tamper-proof bags, and ship them to us on your own schedule. We'll handle the rest of the returns process. 

Program Benefits: 

  • Save time using our prepaid shipping labels and tamper-proof bags
  • Ship or return on your schedule
  • Minimize intrusion in your pharmacy
  • Pharma Logistics provides DEA form 222
  • Online Client Portal for 24/7 data access

Online Portal Available:

  • Returnable item reporting
  • Non-returnable item reporting
  • Scheduled line item reporting
  • Waste Manifest

RCP Payment Schedule

PLL Creditable Products Tier Product Type Expiration as of Process Date Rapid Credit Rate Box and Ship Service (% of ERV)
Tier 0 Expired 0-12 months 75%
Tier 1 In-dated 1-30 days 75%
Tier 2 In-dated 31-180 days 55%
Tier 3 In-dated 181 - 365 days 30%
Tier 4 In-dated 1+ years  15%
Non-Returnable Products Non-Returnable N/A 0%


A Pharmaceutical Returns Consultant is standing by to answer any questions you may have during the registration process. 

Phone: 888-729-7427

Fax: 847-837-5079


Live Chat:

Pharma Logistics is licensed by the DEA, EPA, VAWD, DOT and all state boards that require licensure in order to process pharmaceuticals and controlled substances. 



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