Pharmacies have been one of the areas in healthcare hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. They are currently in a state of pseudo-recession, and, according to the National Community Pharmacists Association, two-thirds of pharmacies are experiencing negative cash flow as a result of the pandemic.

Leveraging data provides vast opportunities for pharmacies to reduce costs and optimize their cash flows, as well as to improve operational efficiencies and patient outcomes. Jeffrey Swanson, Head of Sales at Pharma Logistics, discussed how pharmacists can go about collecting data and use it to improve their business operations during a Sept. 24 webinar hosted by Becker's Healthcare and sponsored by Pharma Logistics. Key conversation points include:

      • The biggest obstacle to the actionable use of data for pharmacies.
      • Knowing what kind of data to look for.
      • Turning data into results.
      • Improving operational efficiencies and costs.
      • Improving medication adherence and patient outcomes.

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